Reviewing a change request

When a change request is submitted the changes are pending until they are evaluated by the Registry Administrator or the Registry Maintainer having the curation mandate over the given Geo-Object Type.

Viewing a change request

Change requests can be searched through and viewed by users with System Administrator, Registry Administrator or Registry Maintainer roles for a given Geo-Object Type as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Change Requests module.\

  2. The Change Requests module’s home page opens, listing all the change requests that have been submitted by users with a Registry Contributor role. Each change request is summarized by an expandable row containing information on the:

    1. Contributor: user who submitted the change request

    2. Geo-Object Type: the Geo-Object Type for which the change request was submitted

    3. Geo-Object: the specific Geo-Object for which the change request was submitted

    4. Date Contributed: the date the change request was submitted by the contributor

    5. Status: status of the change request; this can be one of the following:

      • Pending: a Registry Maintainer has either not reviewed the change request, or reviewed it but not implemented the decisions

      • Accepted: a Registry Maintainer has accepted all changes and implemented the decision

      • Partial: a Registry Maintainer has accepted only some changes and rejected others, and implemented the decision

      • Rejected: a Registry Maintainer has rejected all changes, and implemented the decision

    6. Request ID: unique identifier of the change request\

  3. Users can filter through the change requests by status, by using the relevant tabs at the top left.\

  4. To view a specific change request, click on the arrow at the far right of the row to expand it.\

Addressing a change request

  1. Navigate to the Change Requests module.\

  2. Find the change request you would like to address.\

  3. Expand the change request to view the requested changes. The specific changes requested by the user will be marked with an orange dot in the relevant tabs. Note that a change request can contain multiple changes across a Geo-Object’s attributes and/or hierarchy information and/or geometry and/or settings, and each can be individually accepted or rejected.\

  4. Once you have made a decision on each requested change, notes can be added to the change request in the designated fields at the bottom:

    1. Maintainer Notes: any notes you would like to make as a reviewer of the change request, for example, reasons why you rejected certain changes

    2. Additional Decision Makers: any comments on the change requests from stakeholders involved in the officialization of the change request.\

  5. To finish reviewing the change request, click on Implement Decisions. This will commit all the changes you have accepted to the graph database.

  6. You will be given the option to stay in the Change Request module or make further edits to the Geo-Object in the Geo-Object editing view.\

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