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The sandbox contains fake data that has been generated to facilitate testing sessions and demos that would cover a large number of use cases, including changes over time.

'Tolkien land' was initially created for a training that took place in the Philippines in 2019. It has since been expanded for GeoPrism Registry demonstration purposes. Geo-Object Types

The Tolkien dataset contains Geo-Object Types under the curation mandate of three different organizations:

  • Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA)

    • Provinces - Polygons

    • Counties - Polygons

    • Shires - Polygons

    • Villages - Points

  • Ministry of Health (MOH)

    • National Hospitals - Points

    • Referral Hospitals – Points

    • Health Centers – Points

    • Health Posts – Points

    • Catchment areas – Polygons

    • Community Health Workers - Points

  • Ministry of Education (MOE)

    • Universities - Points

    • Colleges - Points

    • Secondary Schools - Points

    • Primary Schools - Points Hierarchies

Organization-specific hierarchies based on the above Geo-Object Types and the geographic location (latitude/longitude) or the geographic extent (polygon) of each Geo-Object have also been configured for the Tolkien dataset.

The hierarchies created per organization are as follows:

  • MOHA

  • MOH

  • MOH

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