3.5. System email management

GeoPrism Registry uses email settings to send email notifications to users of the system, in particular account creation invitations and automated change request notifications. Email configuration must be done by a System Administrator.

GeoPrism Registry is not directly capable of sending emails by itself. It must be connected to a remote email server which is capable of sending those emails on behalf of GeoPrism Registry. These instructions will enable you to configure the connection with that remote email server.

Note: The system only works with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) compliant email servers.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page from the burger menu.\

  2. Under the Email section, click Configure.\

  3. Enter the values in the displayed form.



    The server URL hosting the SMTP system (e.g., email-smtp.us-west-2.amazonaws.com)


    Username with ability to send emails


    Password for the user


    Port used to provide access to the SMTP server. This is configured on the email server, not the GeoPrism Registry server


    An email address used to send emails


    An email address used to receive emails

  4. Click Submit

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