6.3.5. Enabling OAuth integration

Enabling a user to access GeoPrism Registry with DHIS2 credentials makes it easier to access the system by only requiring that user to manage a username and password from one system (DHIS2). This section describes how to enable OAuth integration with a specific DHIS2 instance for a specific user.

You must create the user in GeoPrism Registry before you can log in with it using OAuth. This is required because GeoPrism Registry needs to know what roles from GeoPrism Registry to associate with this user. GeoPrism Registry does the user mapping based on the username, so the username of the user in GeoPrism Registry must exactly match the username of the user in DHIS2.

  1. Navigate to an existing user in GeoPrism Registry and click the Edit button to open the User Management form. If an external system is configured correctly to enable OAuth with DHIS2, a button to Enable OAuth will appear.\

  2. Click the Enable OAuth button to show the options of properly configured DHIS2 instances.\

  3. Select the DHIS2 instance the user will authenticate with.

  4. Click Submit.

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