6.5.2. Change requests

Geo-Objects need to be regularly updated so that they reflect changes in the geographic features they represent as closely as possible. To avoid the proliferation of different versions of lists of Geo-Objects being managed separately within and between programs, such lists can be centrally managed in GeoPrism, only by those who are given the responsibility to do so.

Geo-Objects can either be directly modified by users with a Registry Maintainer role for the relevant Geo-Object Type, or through change requests submitted by users with a Registry Contributor role for it, and then reviewed by the Registry Maintainers through GeoPrism Registry.

Different types of requests for changes are possible to Geo-Objects in a list, more specifically requesting for:

  • Adding a new Geo-Object

    • E.g., opening of a health facility

  • Modifying the period of existence of a Geo-Object

    • E.g., definitive closing of a health facility

  • Modifying an attribute values

    • E.g., name changes, change of the head of a health facility or their contact details

  • Modifying the geometry of a Geo-Object

    • E.g., moving a health facility to a new location or changing the boundaries of a district Inactivating a Geo-Object E.g., duplicate record, wrong geo-object type

Remember to follow the relevant data specifications, data dictionary and classification tables when submitting or reviewing a change request.

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