5.2.3. Master vs. non-master

The primary objective of a common geo-registry is to share the authoritative data coming from the governmental entity having the official curation mandate over it. This is what is being referred to as the master data and information.

While this is the type of data and information that should be hosted as a priority GeoPrism Registry to serve as the source of truth, it is possible that either the master data/information is not available, not of quality (incomplete, out of date…), and/or not accessible.

In these cases, and to ensure the continuity of operations, GeoPrism Registry can host, manage, and share 'non-master' data/information in parallel or complementary to the master data/information (note that both types should be clearly differentiated), as well as facilitate the convergence of the two lists once the master version is available, of quality, and/or accessible.

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