3.4.1. Install a new locale

Installing a locale enables the GeoPrism Registry to be translated to that language. This is the first step to enable a GeoPrism Registry instance to be translated. All locale options that can be installed in the GPR can be found here.

You must install all the locales you expect your users to need. Sometimes there are slightly different locales that all need to be included because a browser may have only one version and not the other. As an example, Khmer has two locale versions (kh_KM and kh). Both of these locales must be installed and imported to ensure the Khmer language is shown in all browsers.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page and scroll to the 'Localization' section.\

  2. Click the + button to open the modal for installing a new locale.\

  3. Select the language and country (the list of countries does not relate to the language that has been selected at this stage), and provide a display label for the new locale in the default locale and any existing locales.

  4. Click Submit.

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