4.2.2. Reveal Registration

The following steps describe how to register a Reveal external system. A Reveal external system enables the ability to import Geo-Object data with identifiers from a Reveal system and to read data using the REST API that includes the Reveal external identifiers:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page.

  2. Find the External Systems section and click the + button to open the Registration modal.\

  3. Select 'Reveal' from the Type dropdown and fill out the modal fields.\

GPR data typeAppropriate Reveal value typesRequired


The type of external system.



The organization you belong to. An external system will only be available to data and users within this organization.



The identifier for this external system.



The label of the external system.



The description of the external system.

No Import

If Geo-Object data is already present in a Reveal instance, it must first be imported to GeoPrism Registry using the ‘Import from an external system’ option in the Import module after the Reveal external system has been registered (see section Uploading data from a Reveal system in this way stores the identifiers from the Reveal system data on the Geo-Objects that are imported/created in GeoPrism Registry. These Reveal identifiers will be used during synchronization to match GeoPrism Registry Geo-Objects with data in Reveal. Synchronization

The Reveal external system registration enables the GeoPrism Registry REST API to be used to query Geo-Objects with Reveal identifiers in a Reveal format. Reveal external systems do not have a configurable interface for pushing data like DHIS2 systems, but automated synchronizations could be made with external programs that utilize the GeoPrism Registry REST API.

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